I realized last week that I’d never done an “about this blog” post. So here it is.

Names are important, and I took some time picking this one out. My original idea was to do some fantasy/science fiction book reviews. I have been reading a lot fiction more this year than in the past and listening to audiobooks during my day job.

For a year now, I’ve been writing fiction after over a decade of not doing it. I started again because I was going through a time of transition in my life when a lot of personal issues that had been left on the back burner demanded resolution. So I wrote. I just wrote about a thousand words a day for about six months. I collected them together and I had seventy-five thousand words. In the meantime, I met a lot of other writers, largely through Facebook groups, who were going through much the same process. Some of them have become dear friends and many more have been supportive when I needed it.

But it wasn’t a novel. It was about thirty or so loose stories, and from that I drew out a handful of characters once I’d put together those that had similar traits. So I worked on refining my craft and outlining where I wanted to take this novel.

And so here I am. Borrowed Worlds is the place where I explore the craft of writing fantasy genre fiction and review notable titles by both traditionally published and indie authors. My main interests are heroic, urban, and epic fantasy, with a dash of steampunk and post-apocalyptic. My novel, with the working title Ironblood, is about a young girl who must save her family by pulling together three groups of outcasts.