Okay bit of a rant here. Been thinking over the ‘fake geek’ phenomenon and it makes me upset.

I was always irked when someone said, “Turn in your geek card.” When someone else failed some kind of knowledge skill test. That came to mind reading David J. Schwartz’s recent essay in Uncanny Magazine. Geekery is sadly in some of its aspects a bitter competition. Rather than the acceptance of everyone’s weird interests.


Some of us like comics.

Some don’t.

Some like movies based on comic books.

Some don’t.

And some complain that the movies don’t do the comics justice.

Some of us play video games.

Some don’t. (Besides some Candy Crush from time to time.)

You get the picture.

I made my own geek card from bits of 8- and 16-bit Nintendo games, Narnia, Tolkien’s less know work, Norse and Greek mythology, lots of history and epic poetry. I’ve never really been into comic books. I don’t play massive online games. Though I had a period in college where I played MUDs. And that led into all things fantasy.

More than I want to admit.

(You know? MUDs. Multi-user Dungeons. Text-based online adventuring. What we had before EverQuest then WoW. And they were free to play. Really free. As in nothing to buy. At all.)

Point is, embrace the diversity that is geekdom. Don’t be a dick. It’s not a competition people, and you’ve got nothing to prove. And neither does anyone else.

Wear geeky t-shirts if that’s your thing so we can identify each other. (“Is that a TARDIS I see on your shirt?”) A sprig of celery on your lapel on more formal occasions.

My particular experiences have made me the geek (and person) I am today. Feeling alone a lot in high school. Getting into electronics technology (briefly). MUDding. Playing strategy games (I’ll write later about how Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri led me into science fiction). Lots of video games. Firefly. Doctor Who. Caprica. Too many other games and movies and TV shows to list. And lately reading weird fiction and epic fantasy–and starting to write my own.

You are your own unique geek. Like David J. Schwartz writes, in your own home brewed geek box. Let’s respect that and build a better world.

Finally here’s a song from The Doubleclicks about it. Because music. Because geekery. Because . . . well, why not? None of us have anything to prove.